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Seaweed is one of the specialties of the Nha Trang coastal region that’s both delicious and nutritious, yet not everyone is aware of it. Let’s explore the health benefits of dried seaweed from Nha Trang and how to prepare it.

What is seaweed, and how is dried seaweed from Nha Trang made?

Seaweed, commonly known as marine algae, belongs to the algae family and typically thrives in saline and brackish waters. They often grow near coral reefs, rock faces, or on the seafloor where light can reach for photosynthesis.

                                                                Fresh Seaweed

Once harvested, the seaweed is thoroughly cleaned, spread into thin layers, and then put into a drying system at approximately 80°C. After about 6-8 hours, once dried, it is cooled down and pressed into cakes or molded. The nutrient and mineral content in dried seaweed remains almost unchanged.

                                                      Dried Seaweed

Nutritional Value and Benefits of Dried Seaweed

Dried seaweed from Nha Trang is rich in carbohydrates, dietary fibers, proteins, and minerals. Research indicates that its vitamin A content is 2-3 times higher than carrots, calcium content is thrice that of cow’s milk, and vitamin B2 is four times that found in eggs. The benefits of dried seaweed from Nha Trang include:

Boosting Intelligence in Children

The iodine content in dried seaweed is the highest compared to any terrestrial plants. It influences the thyroid gland, which determines human intelligence.

                                   Seaweed helps enhance intelligence in children

Benefitting Digestion

Dried seaweed contains Alga Alkane Mannitol, which nourishes gut-friendly bacteria, promoting faster digestion and the removal of waste.

The Elixir for Women

Seaweed helps the body maintain an alkaline balance in the blood, stabilizes pH levels, and prevents sebum secretion. It’s a magical remedy that can help diminish wrinkles and prevent aging for women.

                                           Magic remedy for eliminating wrinkles

Good for Cardiovascular Health

Seaweed contains soluble fibers and omega-3 fatty acids. Both are potentially beneficial for heart health, helping to lower LDL (“bad”) cholesterol and the overall cholesterol level.

Dishes from Nha Trang’s Dried Seaweed?

Vegetarian Seaweed Soup

The vegetarian seaweed soup is simple to make but still full of nutrients.

                                      Vegetarian Seaweed Soup

Ingredients you’ll need: 2 tofu blocks, 10g dried seaweed, ½ carrot, a little flavor enhancer, and a few ginger slices.

How to make it:

Nha Trang’s Dried Seaweed Fried with Garlic and Chili – fry once, eat all week

This dish is very simple. Ingredients: about 100g dried seaweed, 1 garlic bulb, 1 chili, and some cooking oil.

                                      Dried Seaweed Fried with Garlic and Chili

How to make it:

Seaweed Beef Porridge – Nutritious dish for toddlers

For growing toddlers, seaweed beef porridge is an ideal dish to provide essential nutrients.

                                                      Seaweed Beef Porridge

Ingredients: 1/2 cup of rice + 10g dried seaweed + 100g lean beef + ½ carrot + Green mustard, green onions, toasted white sesame, and sufficient seasoning.

How to make it:

Pre-Preparation: Soak the rice in cold water for about 30 minutes. Grind the beef finely. Chop the carrot and green mustard. Grill the dried seaweed and then crumble it.

You can also explore other dishes made from Nha Trang’s dried seaweed like seaweed soup with straw mushrooms, seaweed soup with lotus seeds, etc.

Where to buy dried seaweed in Nha Trang?

In Nha Trang, for quality dried seaweed, you can go to Đầm Market, a famous tourist spot. 

At Đầm Market, you can shop at a store that has been reputable for a long time called “Ngoc Linh Store”. At this store, the goods have better hygiene and safety than most other places outside the market, and their prices are clearly listed (which can’t be said about most other shops inside the market). This store, located right at the entrance of Đầm Market, is where one can find all of Nha Trang’s specialties, from bird’s nest, grilled sausage, dried fish, dried squid, to sun-dried products… and, of course, dried seaweed. All products are elegantly and neatly packaged, making them very suitable as gifts to bring home.


Above is some information about the origin of Nha Trang’s dried seaweed, how to prepare it, and its benefits. If you’re planning a vacation in Nha Trang, don’t forget to buy this special dried seaweed as a gift for your loved ones!

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